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Access control has become common place in business premises, schools and communal accommodation alike. It protects both personnel and property alike by given access to those who are authorised and deny access to those who are not.



Look down systems are also becoming a requirement in schools where in the event of unlawful entry the school can be locked down closing all doors and disabling all access points therefore limiting the movements of the unwanted visitor. This can also be linked into the fire alarm system to give a school wide alert that the lockdown is active.



Select Security Solutions can offer a full range of solutions to simple single entrance intercom system and keypads to multi entrance, multi-site PC based systems which give the user full control over time schedules and card programming.

  • Free on site no obligation consultation and insurance specifications (where required)

  • Digital keypad entry systems

  • Proximity cards, phobs or magnetic swipe card systems

  • Wifi and GSM intercoms

  • CCTV integration

  • Card printers (PC based systems only)

  • Timer schedules (PC based systems only)

  • Anti-pass back operation (PC based systems only)

  • Multi-site management (PC based systems only)

  • 24hour, 7 days a week, 365 days a year customer support and call out service

  • Full in-house design and installation service, carried out by our highly experienced design and installation teams

  • Audio and visual entry intercoms

  • Biometric devices such as finger print scanners

  • Fire alarm integration

  • Lock down systems (PC based systems only)

  • Full information on user activity (PC based systems only)

  • Roll call and time and attendance reports (PC based systems only)

  • Annual maintenance agreements of new systems and takeover of old systems.

  • NSI certificate


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